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Certificate of Organizational Culture Change - Management Skills (4COCMP)

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COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course guides managers through the process of identifying culture change opportunities and how to tie that change to higher business objectives. By learning to identify key actions and plans, the manager will be able to create a strategic foundation to ensure real change is achieved in the short term and maintained in the long term.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to implement culture change and manage the change process
  • Identify key actions and plans to create an action plan
  • Learn to create and define goals
  • Perform a current state analysis on present cultural conditions
  • Identify how to tie culture change to specific business objectives
  • How to adopt a positive organizational approach to culture change
  • Learn to identify and measure a culture
  • Understand the different behaviour methods used to measure culture change
  • Learn why culture management is an important part of change management
  • Learn the principles of positive culture change in a business

Average Study Time: 2-3 HOURS

Completion of this course delivers a 4PRO+ CERTIFICATE OF PROFICIENCY and includes a BADGE/SEAL for the Certificate of Organizational Culture Change - Management Skills (4COCMP) course which has been reviewed and approved by the 4ProPlus Educational and Technical Advisory Boards.

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