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VALUE BUNDLE: Certified HealthIT Specialist Complete (CHITP-S)

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The Healthcare Information Technology Bundle provides access to 10 dynamic training titles to help staff build knowledge and skills around important components of HealthIT.

  • Certificate of HealthIT Basics Proficiency (CHITP)
  • Certificate of HIPAA Workforce Proficiency (CHWP)
  • Certificate of Credit Card/PCI-DSS Security Proficiency (CCSP)
  • Certificate of Cybersecurity Best Practices in Healthcare (CCSBP)
  • Certificate of MobileHealth/mHealth Basic Proficiency (CMHBP)
  • Certificate of Basic Provider Order Entry Proficiency (CBPOEP)
  • Certificate of Telehealth Skills Proficiency (CTHSP)
  • Certificate of EHR Workflow Basics Proficiency (CEMRP)
  • Certificate of Revenue Cycle Management Proficiency (CRCMP)
  • Certificate of Healthcare Artificial Intelligence/AI Proficiency (CHAIP)


HEALTHCARE SITE EMPLOYERS: Technical staff, Medical staff, Practice managers

MEDICAL PRODUCT/SERVICE EMPLOYERS: Medical device/product sales, Medical service providers


The Health IT Certificate of Proficiency (CHITP) course provides the learner with an understanding of healthcare technology. It includes a summary of tech implementation for healthcare environments, EHR rollout, digital technology projects and basic compliance requirements as well as a detailed health technology terminology lesson and acronym reference sheet.

The Certificate of HIPAA Workforce Proficiency (CHWP) course provides annual HIPAA training for healthcare professionals who come into contact with Protected Health Information (PHI). This short course focuses on pragmatic compliance with HIPAA and covers important breach avoidance strategies. Specialty versions include those accredited for medical, nursing, dental, behavioral health and CAM.
The Certificate of Payment Card Security Proficiency (CCSP) course provides convenient payment card security training for members of the workforce who come into contact with protected credit card and payment information. This course delivers up-to-date education regarding PCI-DSS regulations and best practices specific to the healthcare industry.
The Certificate of Cybersecurity Awareness (CCSAP) course provides annual Cyber Awareness training for healthcare professionals who work with data and protected health information (PHI). This short course focuses on pragmatic awareness issues and important breach avoidance strategies for healthcare sites.
The Certificate of Mobile Health/mHealth Basics Proficiency (CMHBP) course introduces the learner to current trends in mobile health, provides an understanding of interconnectivity, outlines advantages and disadvantages and provides a hands-on lesson which demonstrates the communication between a sample device and the electronic health record (EHR).
The Certificate of Basic Provider Order Entry Proficiency (CBPOEP) course provides comprehensive guidance on Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE). CPOE has become fundamental to Health IT and government incentive programs and has been incorporated into core ONC requirements for Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT). It includes a hands-on lesson which demonstrates CPOE/CDSS EHR integration.
The Certificate of Telehealth Skills Proficiency (CTHSP) course provides a comprehensive understanding of the remote technology defined as telehealth and incorporated into telemedicine. Telehealth is used around the world to deliver basic healthcare and to allow patients with mobility issues or other conflicts to seek medical care from the convenience of home. This course includes a hands-on exercise designed to provide learners with a real-world interactive telehealth experience.
The Certificate of Basic EHR Proficiency (CEOP) course provides an introduction to Electronic Health Records (EHRs) with lessons introducing EHR functionality, integration with other applications and hardware, basic data protection and current government requirements. This course also includes a hands-on step focused EHR workflow exercise.
The Certificate of Revenue Cycle Management Proficiency (CRCMP) course introduces learners to the basic tenants of revenue cycle, billing, and workflow with a detailed understanding of the steps involved. A practical hands-on exercise with a working electronic health record tool, helps to build understanding of standard RCM workflow processes.
The Certificate of Healthcare AI Proficiency (CHAIP) course introduces learners to AI technologies as they impact data integration and analytics while transforming many aspects of medicine including patient care and administrative applications within provider, payer, and pharmaceutical operations. A hands-on exercise demonstrating the use of AI in radiologic diagnostics helps learners familiarize themselves with the growing integration of AI in the healthcare continuum.

ACCREDITATION: This course is fully accredited for continuing education, NCPD/CME and credential renewal for Physicians/PAs, Nurses/RNs/LPNs, CHCIOs, CAHIMs and CPHIMs managers. Click relevant CE button below for credit information.


System requirements: To access 4Medapproved online courseware, you must use IE9+, Chrome 5+, Firefox 17+, Safari 5+, or any browser that supports HTML5

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