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VALUE TRAINING PACKAGE: Certificate of HIV/AIDS Prevention Proficiency (CHAPP) + Infection Prevention and Barrier Protection Proficiency (CICBP)

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COURSE DESCRIPTION: VALUE TRAINING PACKAGE: Certificate of HIV/AIDS Prevention Proficiency (CHAPP) + Infection Prevention and Barrier Protection Proficiency (CICBP) includes the following certificate programs:

1) The Certificate of HIV/AIDS Prevention Proficiency (CHAPP) course covers detail regarding HIV/AIDS awareness and the wide variety of strategies and programs designed to address infection prevention requirements. (*Both 4 and 7 hour version will be available in the package dashboard)

In this era of increasingly effective treatments for HIV, people are living longer, healthier, and more productive lives. Deaths from HIV infection and AIDS have greatly declined since the 90s. As the number of people living with the condition grows, it is more important than ever to increase national awareness and prevention education as part of a comprehensive initiative.


* Define HIV/AIDS
* Understand the Importance of HIV/AIDS Awareness
* Understand the Etiology and Epidemiology of HIV
* Describe Transmission and Infection Prevention of HIV
* Discuss Testing and Counseling
* Explain Current AIDS/HIV Treatment and Prescribing Program
* Review Legal and Ethical Issues
* Discuss Psychosocial Issues
* Understand the Present and Future – Positive Steps and Results


2) The Certificate of Infection Control and Barrier Protection Proficiency (CICBP) course addresses all major elements of infection prevention. It focuses on pragmatic prevention processes in clinical healthcare environments and now includes a special module focused specifically on CMS guidelines for infection prevention as it relates to COVID19 and the Coronavirus.
* Describe Mandated Infection Control and Barrier Protection Standards
* Describe Cleaning Disinfection and Sterilization (CDS)
* Discuss Awareness, Prevention and Control of Infectious Disease
* Explain Needle-Stick and Sharps Safety (NSS)
* Understand Bloodborne Pathogens Prevention (BBP)
* Recognize Personal Protective Equipment in Healthcare (PPE)
* Understand Hand Washing and Glove Requirements for Health & Safety
* Discuss Sepsis Awareness and Education
* Outline CDC Guidelines Regarding COVID19/Coronavirus
AVERAGE STUDY TIME: 1-3 hours including assessments and final exam

AUDIENCE: This program is intended as a professional development course of study for providers, practice managers, consultants, medical staff, students in healthcare programs, HealthIT pro's and others addressing medical site administration.


PACKAGE ACCREDITATION: This course is approved by WASHINGTON STATE and is fully accredited for continuing education, National NCPD/CME and credential renewal for Physicians/PAs, Nurses/RNs/LPNs, CHCIOs, CAHIMs and CPHIMs managers. Click relevant CE button below for credit information.


System requirements: To access 4Medapproved online courseware, you must use IE9+, Chrome 5+, Firefox 17+, Safari 5+, or any browser that supports HTML5

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