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SKILLS BUNDLE: Certificate of Healthcare Job-Site Proficiency (CHJSP)

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Medical practices and healthcare facilities require that all staff onsite are familiar with important aspects of Health & Safety, Infection Prevention, Patient Privacy and Health Record Operations. This Skills Bundle assembles 5 certificates of proficiency to meet standard job-site pre-requisites for healthcare environments.

The certificates in this bundle include:

1. Certificate of Infection Prevention and Barrier Protection (CICBP): The accredited CICBP Certificate program includes all elements of annual infection prevention and safety requirements including BBP/PPE/TB/HANDWASHING and OSHA Healthcare Site Basics

2. Certificate of HIPAA Workforce Proficiency (CHWP): The accredited CHWP Certificate program provides annual HIPAA training for staff who come into contact with Protected Health Information (PHI). This short course focuses on pragmatic compliance with HIPAA and covers important breach avoidance strategies.

3. Certificate of EHR Office Basics Proficiency (CEOP): The accredited CEOP Certificate program provides an introduction to Electronic Health Records (EHRs), including access to a live EHR practice session to execute hands-on workflow exercises. The program is designed to give students real-world experience with digital healthcare technology.

4. Certificate of Payment Card Security (CCSP): The accredited CCSP Certificate program provides an overview of PCI-DSS payment collection safety requirements for healthcare sites. This short course addresses best practices in security for required protection all payment data.

5. Certificate of Cybersecurity Awareness Proficiency (CCSAP): The accredited CCSAP Certificate program delivers a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity basics specific to healthcare environments.

Upon purchase, learners will immediately receive an email inviting them to login to their Student Dashboard to begin their course bundle learning path.

SUMMARY ACCREDITATION INFORMATION: Each course will deliver a certificate of proficiency in the subject matter studied, a professional website badge/seal and access to optional ACCME/ANCC credit upon completion of the certificate request survey.

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