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Certificate of Management Facilitation Skills Proficiency (4SCFSP)

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COURSE DESCRIPTION: Facilitation is a process of learning, sharing, and coming up with valuable decisions using techniques and methods that are participatory and affirming to experiences and ideas that everyonebrings into the room. Facilitation helps everyone feel that they had their say, and worked together to achieve the best possible outcome. Clearly facilitation has an imperative role to play in business success. This facilitation skills course will assist any team in making improved decisions while giving participants a thorough understanding of how to leverage facilitation skills for better project outcomes.


  • Roles, skills and characteristics of a facilitator
  • Facilitation models and styles
  • Facilitation flow
  • Challenges management during facilitation


Completion of this course delivers a 4PRO+ CERTIFICATE OF PROFICIENCY and includes a BADGE/SEAL for the Certificate of Management Facilitation Skills Proficiency (4SCFSP) course which has been reviewed and approved by the 4ProPlus Educational and Technical Advisory Boards.

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