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JOB-ROLE LEARNING PATH: Certified Cybersecurity Business Specialist (4CSBS)

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Security specialists take responsibility for their organizations’ computer-related security, ensuring company data remains secure and protecting against cyberattacks. Companies hire these professionals to prevent security breaches by analyzing current systems, researching ever evolving risks, suggesting improvements, and implementing changes.
Courses in this learning path include:
→ Digital Security for Business Data
→ Workplace Cybersecurity
→ Digital Security for Business Data Safety
→ CompTIA Security+ Proficiency SYO-401
→ CompTIA Security+ Proficiency SYO-501

Completion of this entire bundle will award the recipient all 5 certificates of proficiency AND a certification and badge/seal as a: Certified Cybersecurity Business Specialist (4CSBS) which has been reviewed and approved by the 4ProPlus Educational and Technical Advisory Boards. NOTE: CompTIA brand exams and certificates are not required and are sold separately


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