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SOLD OUT! CERTIFICATE WEBINAR WORKSHOP: Become a Certified Anxiety Management Specialist

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NOTICE: This workshop has sold all seats! If you would like to be included in the recorded session roster, please contact us at: or take advantage of our self-paced course option here:

The 4MedPlus and 4ProPlus Certificate of Managing Workplace Anxiety Proficiency (CMAXP) webinar workshop will provide participants with important skills and resources to recognize warning signs and manage workplace anxiety. By learning to identify and adapt to common symptoms, employees will be able to establish more effective coping mechanisms and managers will be better able to deal with anxiety related workplace issues.

Learning Objectives:

* Recognize common types of anxiety
* Identify symptoms of anxiety in others
* Describe coping strategies
* Discuss the negative results of avoidance
* Identify differences in anxiety and normal nervousness
* Recognize common triggers
* Identify signs that indicate when to seek extra help
* Review strategies for self-care during stressful times
* Discuss Specific Anxiety Issues During Crisis Periods relating to work culture change


President of Kellie Meyer Training Solutions, Kellie has 15+ years of industry experience specializing in customized training designed to enhance personal safety while improving working conditions for front line staff in hospitals, nursing homes, law enforcement, corrections, mental health, home health workers, court systems and more.

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